Vermafta Star
‘We are the Instruments of Gods. Divine light cast against the damnation in the dark.’

The Vermafta Sect is a religious order overseen by the Inner Council from its headquarters in Drusolm, southern Hamaln. Its head, Prelate Christalfus Seppel, is as sharp as the five-pointed star they have taken to symbolise each of the true gods.

The Brothers of the Sect see themselves as the Enlightened – a long history of discipline and suffering in the names of their gods has made it so. Over time, their once insular organisation has looked outward – for what purpose is their own enlightenment if not to help others? There is much evil in the world; many false gods to lead the unwary down darkened paths.

The Sect believe they are holders of the truth, and that their duty is to keep that delicate flame alive. They strive to ignite the spark in the hearts of the misguided and bathe the world in the light of the true gods…

And to smite the heathens and heretics who choose blasphemies over truth and love.

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    Finding Home

    ‘Love is where you belong, not in the hate of others. Yet first you must accept your deeds.’

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    Bound By Blood

    ‘And that is how it is, Hyden Rosik. Chains of blood bind us one to the other…

  • Nature

    Man Of Nature

    ‘You have been expected, Aodh Ciardha. Take your place at our table.’

  • Threshold

    The Threshold

    ‘I lurk within the shadows about the light. Outside of man’s compass, yet within his fears…

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